Founded by Diego Bonati in 2000

Imago-d Studio

Imago-d Studio has developed a wide range of works such as:

• Audiovisual art  installations

• 3D Animation

• 360º Full Dome Animation

• 360º 3D Virtual Reality Animation

• Motion Graphic Design

Since 2008 it has developed four hours of stereoscopic animation in 4 Bluray Discs which were awarded with 3 golden and one platinum discs in Germany. In collaboration with international famous musicians such as Alan Parsons, Midge Ugre form Ultrabox, I Mouvrini and Lichtmond.

Imago-d has developed two 1 hour shows for 360º Full Dome for the Hamburg Planetarium,which at present can be seen at the main Planetariums worldwide.

The latest project involves the creation of Magic Horizons, a Label for Virtual Reality Contents for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, among others.

During these last few years Imago-d had the collaboration of Javier Mesía as modellerand Laura Puy as communication department director.